Gain the practical experience to begin your career in tech after just 3 months, or pursue further studies with the University of Edinburgh.

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Why you should switch to a career in tech

Developers enjoy some of the highest paying careers in the world, with the freedom and skills to find work remotely and internationally. They can work from anywhere and have rich work opportunities, as they have the skills that our modern, increasingly digital world rely on to do business.

Developers make some of the highest salaries in the world.
Enjoy incredible career freedom and work opportunities.
Being a coder is challenging, interesting, and rewarding work.
Learn skills that are needed by businesses of all kinds.

Online Coding Bootcamps in partnership with The University of Edinburgh.

Study Software Engineering, Data Science, or Web Development online in partnership with Africa’s leading software development education provider.

Learn to code with a Russell Group top 5 university

Nabeel Moosajee
Data Scientist Bootcamp

"The course offers an abundance of superior and high-quality practical coding skills, unlike many other conventional courses. Additionally, the flexibility of the course is extremely convenient as it enables me to work at a time that is favorable and well-suited for me as I am employed full-time.”

The University of Edinburgh is consistently ranked as one of the top 50 universities in the world and aims to deliver relevant, inclusive, impactful education both locally in the UK and globally. We have partnered with HyperionDev to close the digital skills gap using their unique model of human-led code review and intensive coding bootcamps.

We’ve partnered with The University of Edinburgh to close the digital skills gap

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