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Fundamentals of Computer Science Mini Bootcamp


Python, NumPy, SciPy, pandas, machine learning, AI and more.

For those who want to:

Learn essential software engineering and data science skills.
Learn how to clean up, analyse and interpret data in a practical and reliable way.
Build models in order to make reliable predictions about future data.
Create real apps and programs that parse, manage, store, and process data in all its forms.

In partnership with UNISA Enterprise.


  • Learn fundamental logical concepts that will be critical in all levels of programming

  • Begin with the basic concepts of programming and logical thinking

  • Acquire an understanding of computer science and software development to transition into a tech-focused career as a software or web developer


  • A thorough introduction to the fundamental tenets of programming using Python, including control structures, looping, recursion, error handling and defensive programming, and Object Oriented Programming.

Fast-track your computer science education in as little as 12 weeks, the accessible, affordable way. Learn the fundamentals of Python and computer science, and develop a deep set of practical software engineering skills in this online mini bootcamp.

In partnership with UNISA Enterprise, this mini bootcamp will provide you with expert code review and industry-aligned curriculum to help you in your ambitions to take your career to the next level or give you the confidence you need to study further.


Get a comprehensive introduction to computer science with HyperionDev and UNISA Enterprise


So many ways to pay.

Our students graduate knowing how to make high-end, complex websites and software applications. These are just some of the companies our alumni now work for.

Become a multi-role developer with true career choice

The practical skills focus of our bootcamps allow you to accelerate your career in tech. Graduate from this online computer science fundamentals mini bootcamp with everything you need to begin a wide range of specialised programming and computer science careers that span software engineering, systems architecture, data management, and more.


Study computer science in this online course in partnership with UNISA Enterprise. Learn through industry-aligned course content, and get code review and feedback from in-house computer science reviewers in real time.


Study your way in your own time

How our bootcamps help

Immersive Full Stack and Software Engineering Bootcamp

"I come from an Advertising Industry background and learning to code on my own was difficult, but HyperionDev really structured my path to becoming a full-stack software engineer. The best part about the bootcamp I am doing is that I get an accredited Higher Certificate which is an NQF level 5"

In partnership with UNISA Enterprise, our comprehensive support structure and expert code review is proven to get you coding better, faster, and entering the workplace skilled, confident, and prepared to hit the ground running. Begin with the basic concepts of programming and logical thinking, and then develop your career skill set with practical techniques in Python that cover the full spectrum of programming fundamentals. 


What you’ll learn

Object-Oriented Programming

  • Learn how classes, objects and methods are defined and utilised in Python, and put these to use to create object-oriented programs.

Capstone projects (4)

  • Learn how to nest various loops within another, and combine other beginner concepts to create more complex outcomes. Synthesise your knowledge to create projects like an investment calculator and a task manager.

Thinking like a programmer

  • Learn about algorithms and pseudocode to get you thinking like a programmer.

Introduction to Python

  • Get acquainted with Python, the powerful, easy to learn and extremely popular high-level programming language.

Beginner Control Structures

  • Learn how to add “if”, “else” and “elif” statements to expand on control structures. Explore the differences between various loop statements, and learn about recursion.

Beginner Data Structures

  • Create complex programs and learn how to manage, use, and store even complex collections of data.

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Fundamentals of Computer Science Mini Bootcamp



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We believe coding should be accessible to everyone, everywhere. That's why we've created partnerships with financial services organisations so you can finance your coding bootcamp and start your coding journey as soon as possible

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What do I need before I start your bootcamp?

All you need is an internet connection, and an entry-level computer with at least 2gb of RAM and 80gb of hard disk space, and a willingness to learn. You don’t need any expereince in coding, or even a Matric, to start learning.

Our course delivery is designed so that you can download the course material and work on your tasks offline. Once you are connected to the internet, all the work in your folder automatically gets updated at which point one of our expert code reviewers will provide feedback right away.

I don’t have any background in coding, IT, or computer science. Can I still apply for your online computer science mini bootcamp?

Of course! You don’t need a background in computer science, IT, or programming to apply for this online course. 

How many hours of study should I commit to the course?

Our part-time courses require about 10 to 20 hours of commitment weekly and can be completed within 3 to 6 months depending on the course chosen.

Terms and Conditions
- The content of this bootcamp is subject to change
- The accreditation status of this bootcamp is subject to change
- The start date is subject to change
- A refundable application fee of ZAR500 is required to secure your seat in this coding bootcamp
- HyperionDev reserves the right to not launch the course if a minimum number of registrations are not met.

Write the code that makes the applications and software work for any major business across all different kinds of industries.

Software engineer

Combine IT, software engineering, and business management to decide what technology a business needs and how to implement it. 

DevOps engineer

Use a wide range of software, data, and engineering tools to build the systems that businesses use to make their work easier.

Solutions architect

Become the engineer who develops and delivers exactly what the client, business, or user wants, no matter its niche, needs, or design. 

Applications developer

Use a wide set of software, and management principles to keep networks, machines, and technologies up and running in any business environment. 

Information systems manager

Combine technical software engineering skills, hardware management, and business logistics to create efficient and reliable systems.

Systems analyst
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Immersive Full Stack and Software Engineering Bootcamp

"This course is well structured, giving you easy-to-understand explanations and examples of code. They are task-focused and you learn by actually implementing (coding) the things you learn, which is something that many traditional university courses lack.”

Receive a certification from UNISA Enterprise and HyperionDev
Kick off your career in tech with confidence
Quality code review throughout
No previous coding experience required
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Why has HyperionDev partnered with UNISA Enterprise to offer this mini bootcamp?

HyperionDev has partnered with UNISA Enterprise to provide a mini bootcamp that is relevant in up-to-date and practical training to aid in our shared goal of bridging the enormous skills gap that exists in the tech industry—making coding careers accessible to as many people as possible.

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We have your back! 

After completion of your bootcamp, you will have automatic access to the Career Services guidance and support that aims to equip you with technical skills and professional career development tools. The Technical Career Readiness programme provides a holistic career development overview, from your CV and technical skills to networking, events, and industry introductions. We will help you make the right move, whether it’s in your best interests to study further or to look at career options by providing you with skills, support, resources and mentoring.

Achieve success. Get your next bootcamp for less:

In completing the Fundamentals of Computer Science bootcamp, you can enjoy a R7500 discount on any of the following bootcamps: 

  • Online Data Science bootcamp 
  • Online Software Engineer bootcamp 
  • On-site Software Engineer bootcamp

This will also allow you to skip right ahead to level 2 in any of these bootcamps.

June 2022

Annual price increase from 1 April

Register for Fundamentals of Computer Science bootcamp before 1 April 2022 at our current prices & start anytime before December 2022. Ts & Cs apply.